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Authentic Ready to Eat Asian Curries


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Covid 19 Update

Please be assured we are taking extra precautions to maintain the safety and hygiene of all of our staff and customers, we are conducting more regular sanitisation of touch points throughout the Store and Kitchen and as always ensuring the careful handling of food.

As a result of the buying rush we have severely depleted stocks and we are cooking daily to try and make up to reasonable levels however this is a slow process.

We ask our loyal Stockists and customers to be patient at this time and we try to keep you informed as changes take place.

The Team at Kitchen Curries.

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Authentic Ready to Eat Asian Curries

Our concept is authenticity without sacrificing convenience, it can be eaten on the day of purchase, or be stored in your freezer until required and then, still in the bag, go straight into boiling water or the microwave to provide a meal for two in minutes.

Ideal for singles, couples, working parents or an easy family dinner, holidays or holiday houses, caravans, boating, skiing and overnight camping occasions.

Kitchen Curries is true gourmet food and is proof positive that the highest quality produce, value for money and convenience together are possible.

Our Range

Our Catering

Call (02) 9953 7556 to discuss our range and retail options.

Private Functions

Private Functions

For your larger entertaining events, with a few days advance notice, Kitchen Curries has available at a discount larger 2.25kg packs of curries and rice that generally serves 8 to 10 people. We also loan out larger pots to make those special occasions easier to manage and enjoy.

Commercial Caterers

Commercial Caterers

For commercial businesses, we provide and deliver bain marie size catering packs of 2.25kg across the full range of curries and rices.